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Over 95% women do not regret having an abortion: Study

New York, Jan 13 (IANS) Researchers have found that even five down the line after having an abortion, over 95 per cent of the women said it was the right decision for them.

Children see males as more powerful than females: Study

London, Jan 11 (IANS) Researchers have found that children, as early as 4 years, might see males as more powerful than females.

Baby, adult brains ‘sync up’ during play

New York, Jan 11 (IANS) Researchers have found that infants and adults are likely to be on the same wavelength, experiencing similar brain activity in the same brain regions during play.

Virtual Reality headsets may hamper visual memory

Tokyo, Jan 10 (IANS) Virtual Reality (VR) is gaining popularity in fields like healthcare, multimedia, entertainment and education but too much use of the technology may hamper your visual memory, Japanese researchers have warned.

Lose tongue fat to improve common sleep disorder

New York, Jan 10 (IANS) Losing weight is an effective treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), and now researchers have found that improvements in sleep apnea symptoms appear to be linked to the reduction of fat in the tongue.

Designer Manav Gangwani fails to pay rent, gets legal note

New Delhi, Jan 9 (IANS) Fashion designer Manav Gangwani could be in for deep trouble for failing to pay the rent of an accommodation in the Capital's Panchsheel Park area.

Want to live longer? Drink tea at least 3 times a week

Beijing, Jan 9 (IANS) Good news for tea lovers! Researchers have found that drinking tea at least three times a week is linked with a longer and healthier life.

Air pollution may affect psychological health in kids

London, Jan 8 (IANS) Air pollution may affect our physical and psychological health in the long run as researchers have found that the children who are exposed to a high level of air pollution while growing up, have an increased risk of developing schizophrenia.

How diet affects your mental health

London, Jan 4 (IANS) Diet significantly influences mental health and wellbeing, but this link is firmly established only in some areas such as the ability of a high fat and low carbohydrate diet (a ketogenic diet) to help children with epilepsy, and the effect of vitamin B12 deficiency on fatigue, poor memory, and depression, says a study.

Why some cosmetics may cause a skin rash

New York, Jan 4 (IANS) Do you know why many different chemical compounds found in creams, cosmetics, and other topical consumer products trigger allergic reactions in the skin? The way some chemicals displace natural fat-like molecules -- called lipids -- in skin cells may be the culprit, suggests new research.

Indians watched more than 2,200 movies in theatres in 2019: Report

New Delhi, Jan 3 (IANS) Indians watched more than 2,200 movies in theatres in 2019, with people of Delhi booking the most number of tickets, followed by Chennai and Mumbai.

Fearing attacks from Iran, US & allies issue advisories

Washington DC/New Delhi, Jan 3 (IANS) Following the US drone strike that killed Iran's most powerful military commander and intelligence chief Major General Qasem Soleimani and others in Bhagdad, the US, Israel and France have issued advisories for their respective citizens, anticipating attacks from Tehran.

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